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Auxora's core competence is in thin film filter based coating design and manufacturing, which is enabled by our proprietary NanoCODE™ technology. NanoCODE™ is an integrated technology that includes and provides for filter design, deposition process, and control technology. Auxora’s NanoCODE™ technology has been refined and applied to meet the needs of many new products for a multiple applications and industries.
Developing and perfecting our NanoCODE™ process has propelled Auxora to become the industry leader in quality and performance. This has been achieved through greater consistency, predictability, and higher manufacturing yields. With NanoCODE™ technology, Auxora has redefined all standards in thin film filter technology.
The three pillars of our NanoCODE™ technology are Design, Process and Control. NanoCODE™ process technology captured in our proprietary design software allows us to design our filters precisely to the customer specifications and produce to the manufacturing tolerance. NanoCODE™ control system allows us to simulate coating runs and control the deposition process to the accuracy of a single molecular layer. NanoCODE™ deposition process enables us to produce thin film materials with consistent and high quality optical properties.
In the production process, Auxora utilizes various state of the art commercially available coating chambers – taking advantage of their unique characteristics required for the various types of filter design. Each chamber performance is dramatically enhanced by our NanoCODE™ technology to have capabilities that are far superior than that of the manufacturer's original intended specifications.
In summary, we at Auxora have greatly enhanced our commercially available, state of the art coating chambers through our NanoCODE™ technology in order to meet growing complexity of customer applications.





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